Posted by: Nani4Eight | October 21, 2014

Retirement has its downside

Today is the day I share … a few of my LEAST favorite things about retirement. But really it’s more like my least favorite things about life. Even when compulsory work is over, there’s still ….

NUMBER FIVE: Housework. There must be someone out there who likes it. And what makes it worse in retirement is nagging the hubster to help out. He got away without doing much for the past 9 years because I was home and he was still working. But now he has to suffer along with me! But he sure doesn’t do it without prompting. Reminding. Nagging. I hate being in charge of housework. So that’s bitchy complaint number one. IMG_0014

NUMBER FOUR: Sports on TV. There is something on almost every blessed day. Come on, isn’t most of the civilized world still working? Can we not reserve sports for the weekends, which are not really weekends for me anymore, and I could put up with two days of golfbasketballbaseballfootballsoccer on Saturdays and Sundays but not ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME. ( I suspect this is number two or three on hubster’s list of FAVORITE things about retirement. :/ ) As I type this the World Series is blaring and I have suffered through a)watching the Giants’ pitcher blow his nose onto the ground more times than I can count and b)two of those juvenile Cialis commercials with the same greying guy cozying up to two different women with that knowing gleam in his eye. Sigh.

NUMBER THREE: Not seeing the grandkids as much. We are now only about an hour and a half from the nearest grandchildren, really only double the time it used to take to go see them. I bet there are plenty of grandparents that would kill for an hour and a half drive to see the grandkids! But the thing is that mountain driving is much more of a barrier than freeway driving. So we see them less. And yeah, I know we are blessed to be so close to most of them (some live much farther away), but still, it’s a bummer. :(

NUMBER TWO: Health issues and dealing with the vast machine that is American healthcare. And how expensive it is. First, it’s a drag having multiple health problems. Enough said about that. Second, dealing with the coordination between Medicare, the various administrative programs (this one for doctor visits! this one for prescriptions! this one for the stuff Medicare Part A won’t pay for!), and the pharmacies is a full time job. And it is expensive. Way more than I ever paid for medical care while hubby was working and covered by his employer. That is something to really pay attention to while you are planning for retirement. I did my best planning and still I am paying way more than I expected for healthcare.

AND THE NUMBER ONE THING I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT RETIREMENT: I still do not have time to do all the things I want to do! This is a big surprise. I mean, you’re supposed to have all the time in the world in retirement! No one to tell you what to do, your time is your own, yada yada. Yet I find that all the things I want to do regularly do not fit into a 24 hour day. So this is a good problem yet still my number one problem! So much to do, so little time. I am definitely not bored in retirement :)

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