Posted by: Diane | June 26, 2013

Beach bum

Back on my bike today, trying once again to conquer the obstacles laid in my path by the Santa Ana River Trail’s maintenance crews.  Saw that there was no giant crane or truck on the other side of the river, so I crossed over the bridge and guess what awaited me …  Image

Apparently those crafty maintenance people used some type of cloaking device as I could not see this 5-foot high fence from the other side of the river.

Back over the bridge, down the trail, over the detour route.  Beautiful out today in sunny Southern California!  I like the contrast of the grey rocks, green grass, and blue water as I ride along.


Today I rode the furthest I’ve gone since I got my new electric bike – 6.6 miles!  Woo hoo! Made it to Huntington Beach.


Out of the whizzing traffic and onto the beach.  Me and the other sun worshipers enjoy some rays.


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