Posted by: Diane | June 9, 2014

Back to blogging

Wow, the last time I posted to this blog was exactly one year ago!  According to my June 2013 post,  I was, on that day, blissfully riding along on my new electric bike down the Santa Ana River Trail in our old, post- hubby retirement neighborhood.  Since then …  a lot has happened!

Within a couple of months, or August 2013 to be exact, hubby finally hit the wall, becoming completely disillusioned with his employer and full-time work.  We made hurried financial recalculations and decided to retire (well, I’m already in disability retirement but now would be hubby’s entry into the world of non-work) in April 2014.  We sold the house, moved into our downsized retirement home, and … voila!  Here we are!  Awesomesauce city :)

More on the awesomeness of retirement in future posts. :)


Wonder if there is a single soul out there reading this :/





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