Posted by: Nani4Eight | October 25, 2014

Spiders and Donut Holes

My catchy title reflects today’s disparate activities … first, taught a nature crafts class (Pine Cone Spiders!) to little kids and their parents. Lots of fun. On the way home, swung through the Walgreen’s drive thru for two bottles of pain medication. Total cost to me: $300. Gulp. Fun over. I just paid $400 for meds just a few days ago! This is called being in the Medicare “donut hole.”

For the uninitiated, once you and your chosen Medicare plan have jointly spent $2850 on your medications in a given year (2014 to be exact), Medicare stops, for the most part, helping to pay for your meds until you have spent, out of your own pocket, a grand total of $4,550 for the year. After that, insurance picks up most of the drug tab. This approximately $2,000 gap is called the “donut hole.” But I didn’t go onto Medicare until July 1st of this year, and I hit the “donut hole” by the end of August! After one month!!

Of course most people (I hope) don’t take 11 or 12 different medications, so maybe most people don’t care about this weird legislative loophole. And by 2020, the donut hole will be closed. But geez, it is just soul-crushing right now. Medical expenses are by far the biggest expense we have … more than our mortgage, more than food. I am glad that we can make the payments; I know a lot of people just have to go without their medication. Sobering.

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