Posted by: Nani4Eight | October 20, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

Wow, Day 2-in-a-row of retirement blogging. And the reason is … I am stuck inside, feet up, due to stupid health issues. So I might as well blog and give myself something to do other than feel sorry for myself.

So today I will blog about my MOST FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE retirement things so far. If you are reading this and are retired (or take vacations or long weekends off) I’d love to hear some of your MOST/LEAST favorite things to do when not working for the man (or woman).


NUMBER ONE: Spending time with hubby. He is home most of the time now! Some women might view this as Number One in the Least Favorite column. What can I say, I picked the right guy this time. And he’s not home ALL the time, just most of the time. :)

NUMBER TWO: The mountains where we live now, and the views: especially the view out our living room windows – the golf course and trees just beyond. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Sigh.

NUMBER THREE: Mountain activities, like (gentle) hiking, boating, biking (my electric bike is great on mountain inclines!). Taking the chair lift up to the top and checking out the lake view.

NUMBER FOUR: Crafts. What? I hate crafts. I am not crafty. But since I started volunteering to teach kids how to make nature crafts, I am having a great time watching them make toilet paper bunnies, twig and construction paper campfire hats, pizza box solar ovens. I like encouraging children to connect with nature. Who knew? Even though I’ve been home and not working for years, I never had an interest in crafts before. I finally figured out what you do with Pinterest!

My interests are changing. But I did not see that coming. Proof again that a lot of retirement figures itself out as you go along, as opposed to having it all figured out before you get there.

And now for my least favorite things ….

Nah. I hate to ruin this positive vibe I have going. I’ll blog about least favorite things tomorrow.

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